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Give your soil the nutrients it needs

A well-fertilized lawn is better at preventing drought, disease, and infestation of unwanted weeds. Healthy lawns are also great for the environment because they produce oxygen, cool the air during the hot season, and trap the urban dust and pollution. 

Blended exclusively for Derek Sprinklers, our fertilizer is rich in nutrients to give you a lawn that is healthy and beautiful. Our fertilizer is 65% slow-release granular fertilizer that is made up of naturally-occurring ingredients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. This is one of our most popular and premium quality fertilizers that feed your lawn for 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks, depending on the blend or the time of year.

Beautiful lawn

Feed your lawn the right and healthy way

In order to produce strong roots and grass that resist weeds, disease, and insects, your lawn needs a nutrient-rich fertilizer that you'll find at Derek Sprinklers. People and pets may play on the lawn immediately upon application once you use our fertilizer. Our professionals will design the right program for your lawn.

Beautiful lawn

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